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Does Fat Turn Into Muscle?

I am going to write this article just so that this myth is eliminated.  Does fat turn into muscle? Simply, no. Muscle is made up of many different things including protein and mostly water.  Fat is made up of various substances as well, however they are completely different than the substances that make up muscle….

How to Take Advantage of Different Muscle Fibers

As of current research, we are not really certain whether people are born with a certain ratio of slow twitch to fast twitch fibers and it stays that way, or if you can change that ratio through training.  Muscular Hyperplasia is basically the process of splitting muscle fibers so that you end up having more.  Hyperplasia…

What is the Difference Between Muscle Fibers?

Not all muscle fibers are created equal.  Targeting to work different muscle fibers will give you different results, so to understand that, let’s quickly go over what the different types of muscle fibers are: In the simplest view, there are two general types of muscle fibers.  Fast twitch and slow twitch.  These are also called…

Post Workout Nutrition

As of right now, there is generally a standard for Post Workout Nutrition (PWO Nutrition).  Most people recommend consuming whey or casein protein with simple carbs.  Now, that is not very specific, and I am not going to give you a blanket statement of what or how much you should eat.  Instead, I will inform…

Machines vs. Free Weights for Muscle Size and Strength

I always here people say things like, “why are you doing free weights, you’re not going to get big from that!”  Here I am going to examine the validity of this statement. Free weights definitely have their advantages.  They require more stabilizer muscles than machines because you have to balance the weight as you lift….