Caffine and Fat Loss

When you think of caffine, do you think “fat loss supplement”?  Well you should.  You see, the truth is that many of today’s fat loss pills are just caffine stuffed with many other powerful looking ingredients.  The supplement companies definately wouldn’t want you to know that though!  If you knew that, then you could just pick up a cup of coffee and reap the same benefits!

Many people today link caffine to a whole bunch of negative images in their mind.  They see some fat guy drinking coke loaded with caffine or some hyper unfit girl drinking an energy drink.  If caffine is good for fat loss, how come these people aren’t losing fat then?

You see, I’m not saying that soda or energy drink will get you shredded.  What I am saying, though, is that taking healthy dosages of caffine can help aid you on your quest for a six pack.

This is how it works:

When you do any type of aerobic activity, your body need fuel to burn so that you can keep performing the activity.  That fuel can come from carbs, protein, or fat, and our job is to get the body to use as much fat as possible for fuel.  However, our bodies would much rather take the fuel from carbs or protein if available because carbs can be used for regenerating ATP for explosive energy and using protein will decrease the size of our muscles, thereby lowering our metabolism, something that our bodies love to do!

Although, when we take caffine about an hour and a half before our workout, everything changes!  Besides actually making us feel more motivated to workout, caffine will help open our fat cells and have our stored fat flood into our bloodstream.  Now, this process by itself doesn’t actually make us burn more fat, but if we do some type of cardio an hour and a half after taking caffine, our bodies will use the fatty acids that are already flowing in our bloodstream, allowing us to save our stored carbs and protein. This process won’t work if you try to drink a soda or high carb energy drink beforehand though.  If you intake carbs before this workout, then your insulin levels will rise and the insulin will try to put the fat in your bloodstream back into your fat storages, negating the positive effects!

That is why this must be done in a fasted state (of at least 4 hours) to get the maximum effects!  I do recommend eating a little bit of protein (about 10g) before the workout to ensure that no protein is taken from your muscles.  Even though this will raise insulin levels slightly, it will be well worth keeping your muslces.

I will normally take about 300mg 1.5 hours before exercise.  I also don’t take caffine for more than a month straight because I don’t want my body to start building up a tolerance to its effects.

Go out and get the body you want!