The Importance of Your Mind in Getting the Right Body

What is more important:  Going through the right rep ranges, eating right, and performing the sets with good form or having the right mindset?

I am going to argue that having the right mindset wins every time.


Because with the right mindset, all of the other stuff will naturally occur anyway given time.

It’s my opinion that the biggest reason why people fail to get the body that they want is because they don’t start out with the right mindset in the first place.

Here’s what I mean:

If someone starts out with a BURNING DESIRE to change how they look, and THEY HAVE THE BELIEF that he can form their body to whatever he wants it to be, then the motivation, persistence, research, effort, and everything that is needed to get that body will naturally spawn out of that desire. (I wrote a lot about this on my other site Why Taking Action is Not the Most Important Step.)

So, if the desire isn’t there, or for some reason you just can’t get yourself into the gym, then knowing more about lifting isn’t going to help you too much; you need to know more about how to achieve your goals, and I would recommend that you stop by and have a look at for that ; ).

If you talk to any successful bodybuilder or anyone of the fitness elite, you will find that they all had an extreme desire to focus in on their goal and forced its reality because they couldn’t accept anything less.

Like I said in The Only Way to Get the Body You Want, you need to make a definite decision if you are going to get the body you want.  That’s how the successful bodybuilders and models did it; that’s how you’ll have to do it too, and it all starts with a burning desire.

If the desire isn’t there right now, don’t worry! You always have the power to change how much you want something.  For example, I’m sure all of you have wanted to buy something really badly on impulse at a store one time.  Whether you bought it or not, later you found that you didn’t really want it as much as you thought you did before.  Just an example of how quickly our minds can change.

If you don’t have that desire right now, then maybe take a look at How to Get Motivated to Workout and How to Be Motivated Within a Few Seconds.  Both of these posts with show you the effectiveness and simplicity of using the pain and pleasure principle to your advantage instead of letting it run on autopilot.

So before you start learning a ton of beneficial information about how to change your body from this site, make sure that you have the mental aspect down.  If you don’t then will help you with that part =).