A Cure For a Loss of Motivation

Change Your FocusImage by R’eyes

Are there some days that you step into the gym, look at yourself in the mirror, and just don’t feel like working out? Do you sometimes feel that it’s useless, you doubt that you will ever get the body that you want, or that you are just wasting your time? There are a lot of people who feel this way, and constant negativity like this will kill your motivation and your dreams for getting the body that you always wanted.

But sometimes, it’s just so hard to become motivated to workout, isn’t it. Whether getting out the door of your house is the problem, or you get zapped of energy once you are already in the gym, there is a way to get that determination back and start becomming excited to workout again. It will involve changing your habits just a little bit, but if you really do want that body that you’ve always dreamed of, being constantly motivated to improve is something that you just can’t live without.

Are You Lacking Motivation?

The main problem here is that you do not have the motivation that you want to have. You have the right intentions, but when the time comes you invariably end up not being able to give it all you’ve got.

If this describes you, then you might have your focus all messed up. A lot of people misunderstand what focus really means. Most people think that focus is just thinking about your goal. You know, being focused on what you want to achieve.

While that simple definition is technically correct, not having a clear idea of exactly what you need to focus on can really end up being desasterous in the long run, and it is for many people. Having the right TYPE of focus is crucial if you want to bring that energy back to an unbeatable level. To a level that is so high, nothing can stand in your path, and it becomes impossible not to succeed!

Direct Your Focus

So what is the right type of focus? Well, it’s a little bit different for different people, but there are definately some key recurring themes that keep showing up for people who are highly motivated to achieve. While this post isn’t going to cover an extensive list of motivation hacks (maybe that will be a future article), it will show you one key concept that, if you embrace, accept, and implement it completely, will change your life forever.

Stop Moving Away From What You Don’t Want

The first part of this concept is that if you are not motivated to achieve your goals, either they aren’t goals that you really want or your focus is in the wrong place. Assuming that you really do want to have the body of your dreams, let’s talk about focus. How would your focus be in the wrong place? Simple:

You are moving away from what you don’t want!

You get to the gym, look at yourself in the mirror, and dislike what you see. So you think to yourself, I want to get rid of that fat. I want to lose all that extra weight. I don’t like what I see and I want to get away from it. Essentially, you are working out because you don’t like how you currently look, and are trying to get rid of it.

What this does is it puts a bunch of bad images in your head while you are working out. You see images of yourself being fat/ugly/heavy/skinny/small/big/etc. You see images that you don’t like of yourself. This is highly discouraging, and it starts to bring about all the feelings that you can never get the body you want, you are wasting your time, etc. because the only thing that you see in your head are images of yourself that you hate!

Start Moving Towards What You Do Want

Instead of moving away from what you don’t want, try to start moving towards that which you DO want! This means that instead of seeing yourself as ugly and trying to move away from that image, see yourself with the body that you want in the future, and start moving towards that. Now your workout has moving from the defense to the offense. You are working out to get that body that you want because you see it in your mind and it fuels you. You start to feel excited because you know that as long as you keep this up, you will achieve that body in the near future! Your workout now has more energy because you are working to achieve something, not get rid of something.

Thinking about the past and how your body is now will never motivate you. How could it? You already have the body you have now, so having a picture of that same body in your mind will only lead to bordem during the workout.

Instead, having an image of your future body in your mind during your workout will keep you going. It will give you the motivation you need because you can feel more belief in yourself now. Since you can see your future body exactly how it will look, your belief that you will attain that body will naturally rise.

Start Monitoring Your Focus

This isn’t a one time thing. You cannot just read this post, agree with it, and move on with your life. Monitoring and directing your focus needs to become part of your daily workout routine; something that you do every time you step foot into a gym.

When you enter the gym, immediately start focusing on what you want, and disregard any images of things that you do not want. If you look at yourself in the mirror and start getting upset, realize that you are starting to move away from what you don’t want. If for some reason you just can’t stop focusing on what you don’t want, take the sadness that you feel and turn it into anger. This is actually a pretty easy thing to do. Turn your sadness into anger and use that anger to fuel yourself. Then use that energy to start focusing on what you do want, that future body, and start moving toward that. This is a fundamental shift in your thinking, but when done properly, it will give you all the motivation you need.

Do not take this lightly. Do not just think about this when you enter the gym. Actually FEEL the emotions! Feel that sadness turning to anger. Feel that anger turning into energy. Finally, feel that energy being used to move you towards what you want, towards your goal. Do not use that energy to move away from the body you don’t want, as this will likely end up turning the energy back into anger, back into sadness, and then you will start to fatigue.

It is almost impossible to hit the bullseye by trying to focus and move away from all of the places that you don’t want to hit. Instead, focus on the target that you do want to hit and keep your focus there. Slowly but surely, your aim will improve.