“Battling Objectivity, Rationality, and Even Our Own Psychology”

One of the main reasons that I created this site was to make fitness simple for people. It seems that everywhere you look, there is some new magic diet or way to work out that is better than EVERYTHING else. The fitness industry is plagued with dogmatic ideas and stubborn people, not to mention supplement companies constantly trying to rip you off.

JC Deen from http://jcdfitness.com just published a short post titled “Fitness and the Internetz: Battling Objectivity, Rationality, and Even Our Own Psychology”

I thought that this post was definitely worth a share on here. As individuals trying to sift through all the BS in the fitness industry so that we can help ourselves and others, we need to be aware of how common irrational conclusions are, how subjective everyone’s experience of a certain workout or diet actually are, and how to be willing to change our beliefs when the data does not match up to our assumptions and current ideas. Anyone stuck in the “there is only ONE best way to work out or diet” mentality is surely on a path headed towards stagnation, not growth.

Anyway, I recommend that you head over an take a look. Maybe you will even be able to pinpoint some areas that need some “objective” improvement in your own life?